Graphic Method

Scientific method for ancient astrology.

‘Graphic Method’ is research based on traditional law and fruit of my 52 years of hard work. Decision of our ‘Graphic Method’ is 90% accurate by science scrutiny and destiny or personal birth kundli based. This is proved by reasearch.

In Graphic Method,  Graph of subject out of 43 subjects (Default) is period of 12 month. Red color graph period is bad (Ashubh) and Green color graph is Good (Shubh). The fruit of work done in green period of graph is profitable for related subject and vice versa.

‘Graphic Method’ is research not a wonderful art creation of computer and mathematics. 

In ‘Graphic Method’ prediction of one graph is not considered so graph combination ( Dual Graph ) is provided. 1128 paires of 43 subjects are available. First subject is your work related subject and second subject is related to that subject.